What's in a name?

Maxim’s Travel is a corporate travel management company that was incorporated in 1985. The business is named after an iconic Paris restaurant, Maxim’s de Paris. The connection with that restaurant is genuine, a reflection of the company’s French-Australian heritage.

At its launch, the business was backed by a prominent Sydney-based French family whose business interests included the importation of luxury French products. In return, the family insisted that the business be named after Maxim’s de Paris as an homage to a close personal friend, the restaurant’s owner and legendary fashion designer, Pierre Cardin.

[Portrait] Chris Goddard

Christopher Goddard

Managing Director

Having worked his way up from an office junior at Maxim’s Travel, to being the driving force behind the innovative, award-winning corporate travel agency, Chris has been an integral part of the Maxim’s story since its earliest days.

By the age of just 28, Chris was a 50% shareholder in Maxim’s. In 2005, he bought the rest of the business taking it into new arenas, growing it and developing proprietary technologies that continue to give it an edge to this day.

Chris is a ‘people person’, and is renowned for the friendly, productive relationships forged with clients, staff and suppliers alike over his decades in the business.

Under Chris's leadership, Maxim’s Travel has thrived with a vitality and nimbleness that continues to drive its success.

In 2019, Chris was named 'Best Travel Agency Manager - Corporate Single Location' at the National Travel Industry Awards.

Maxims Team

the team

[Portrait] Matt Inman

Matt Inman

Maxim’s Group

Matt Inman

Sales & Communications

Maxim’s team member since 2011.

  • Secret super-power: Graphic design in Microsoft Paint. Juggler.
  • Favourite destinations: Spain and Edinburgh.
  • Aisle or window? Aisle
  • To recline or not to recline? Recline on long flights.

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[Portrait] Joanne Cranston

Joanne Cranston

Maxim’s Travel

Joanne Cranston


Maxim’s team member since 2001.

  • Secret super-power: Changes. And I’m an amateur green-thumb.
  • Favourite destinations: Southern California, Japan and Margaret River.
  • Aisle or window? Aisle.
  • To recline or not to recline? Recline, just not at meal times.
[Portrait] Rebecca Dimmer

Rebecca Dimmer

Maxim’s Group

Rebecca Dimmer


Maxim’s team member since 2005.

  • Secret super-power: I use my OCD to fix accounting stuff ups!
  • Favourite destinations: Hawaii.
  • Aisle or window? Window.
  • To recline or not to recline? Recline.
[Portrait] Mikael Hallin

Mikael Hallin

Maxim’s Travel

Mikael Hallin


Maxim’s team member since 2005.

  • Secret super-power: Ability to make things work by just appearing. And a certified PADI SCUBA Diving Instructor.
  • Favourite destinations: Maldives.
  • Aisle or window? Aisle.
  • To recline or not to recline? Recline.

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[Portrait] Janine Almada

Janine Almada

Maxim’s Group

Janine Almada

Maxim’s Group

Maxim’s team member since 1997.

  • Secret super-power: Talking!
  • Favourite destinations: Italy.
  • Aisle or window? Window.
  • To recline or not to recline? Recline.

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[Portrait] Christian Hanvey

Christian Hanvey

Maxim’s Travel

Christian Hanvey


Maxim’s team member since 2014.

  • Secret super-power: Adjusting monitor heights.
  • Favourite destinations: The coffee shop.
  • Aisle or window? Window.
  • To recline or not to recline? Recline with consideration.
  • Maxim’s Travel has a reputation for integrity, experience and expertise. This superior positioning reflects of our insistence on excellence in every facet of our business.

    Our name is synonymous with premium service delivery in corporate travel.

  • Maxim’s Travel offers true 24-hour global service. We do not close at 6.00pm, we do not outsource our after-hours functions, nor do we use voicemail.

    That’s our service commitment to every client.

  • We provide state-of-the-art technology solutions.

    We are progressive, dynamic and aim to deliver the latest technological advances in the corporate travel space. This constant striving for improvement helps us deliver a premium corporate travel management service.

    With our Global Distribution Systems, sophisticated travel management systems, and our proprietary technology platform, MAXIMise, our team is able to support our clients wherever they may be.

    MAXIMise is our unique online booking engine that can be customised to specifically meet the individual needs of every Maxim’s Travel client.

    Our innovative proprietary technologies, reinforced by our highly trained and dedicated staff combine to deliver exceptional results.

  • Maxim’s Travel is deeply connected to the global travel ecosystem.

    Founded in 1985, our relationships with airlines, cruise lines, hotels, resorts, tour operators and travel suppliers are part of our DNA. Our clients benefit from those relationships every day.

    Maxim’s is the exclusive Australian representative of the International Travel Partnership (ITP). With offices in 35 countries, ITP gives us a global footprint, significantly extending the reach of our service and care.

    Our membership of Magellan Travel and the Helloworld Travel Group also means our clients leverage off the enormous buying power of a multi-billion dollar group, therefore ensuring they obtain the most competitive cost in all aspects of their travel spend.

    Airline Partners

    Maxim’s Travel has long-standing, meaningful relationships with the world’s best airlines. Those relationships bring great value and a range of benefits to our clients.

    We have been a proud member of the exclusive, by-invitation QANTAS Platinum Club since 2004.

    Hotel Partners

    Maxim’s Travel enjoys strategic relationships with all major hotel chains.

    These relationships, acknowledged through our premium partner programs, and our Magellan Travel membership deliver unparalleled choice, value for money and access to inventory that provides value added benefits ensuring your stay at one of our booked hotels exceeds your every expectation.

    • Chris Goddard was named ‘Best Travel Agency Manager - Corporate Single Location’ at the 2019 National Travel Industry Awards
    • Joanne Cranston was named ‘Corporate Travel Consultant of the Year’ at the 2018 Magellan Travel Conference gala.
    • Singapore Airlines Top 25 NSW Agents Awards 2008
    • National Affiliate Office of the Year 2007 / 2008
    • National Corporate Office of the Year 2006 / 2007
    • National Corporate Consultant of the Year 2006 / 2007
    • Qantas Platinum Club member since 2004

Global Partnerships

Long-term relationships are the overarching principle and foundation of Maxim’s Travel. This principle applies to both our client and supplier base. Through our inclusion in Magellan Travel, The Helloworld Group and the International Travel Partnership (ITP), you can be assured that your corporate travel requirements are being leveraged off multi-billion dollar companies throughout the globe and as such provide you unencumbered access to competitive pricing anywhere in the world.

As a key member of the Helloworld Group, Australia’s largest travel agency franchise group, Maxim’s is a pioneer in changing the manner in which travel is sold. Its network comprises 725 travel centres across every state and territory.

Our membership of the International Travel Partnership (ITP) with its offices in 35 countries, increases our global footprint, allowing us to represent and care for our passengers worldwide.

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  • [Partner Logo] Magellan Travel Group
  • [Partner Logo] International Travel Partnership

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